“False And Frivolous Allegations Against My Person Will Fail” – Amidu hit Akufo-Addo hard again



Mr. Martin Amidu resigned from his position as the Special Prosecutor on Monday, November 16, 2020, claiming that government officials and the presidency were interfering with the independence of his office.

In a resignation letter to the President, the Special Prosecutor cited the intense traumatic experience he endured after the release of a corruption risk assessment conducted on the controversial Agyapa Royalties deal as one of the reasons for his resignation.

Public Reaction

Amidu’s decision has received mixed reactions from the public with some accusing the president of having double standards on the fight against corruption.

Others including Prof Kwaku Asare, have said the Special Prosecutor should have persisted and worked harder to prosecute corrupt officials.


Ken Agyapong’s reaction

Commenting on Mr Amidu’s resignation on Net 2 TV’s “The Seat” show, Hon. Ken Agyapong stated that he feels vindicated adding that he knew from the onset that Mr Amidu was a wrong choice.

“I warned NPP about Martin Amidu but everybody was against me. I was accused of always doing things to rundown the NPP because I criticize everything. Today, everyone is saying you’re vindicated, you said it right. You people are afraid of the truth but I say it like it is. The statement I made about Amidu caused me a lot of pain in NPP, I can’t say it here…serious. I can’t say it here because we are going for an election and so I’ll keep it to myself. Martin Amidu is no saint, he’s full of evil, as for NPP they glorify anybody. I don’t know what President Akufo Addo saw about Martin Amidu which convinced him to appoint him as Special Prosecutor,” Ken Agyapong stated.

Read below his full statement:


The concerted efforts led by the President of Ghana and his Government to discredit my integrity for producing a professional report on the analysis of the risk of the prevention of corruption and anti-corruption assessment is bound to fail because the Ghanaian of 2020 is not the Ghanaian of 2016 who believed the mere rhetoric of fighting corruption.

The attempt to divert attention from the serious suspected breaches of corruption and corruption-related laws disclosed in the anti-corruption assessment contained in the Agyapa report by making false and frivolous allegations against my person will fail because truth shall always triumph over falsehood.

I have never had any reason or occasion to visit Germany throughout my life let alone to visit any medical facility on health grounds. The records of my travels which are available to the lying Kennedy Agyapong’s Government can be checked and the German Embassy contacted whether I have throughout my life made an application for a visa or visited Germany.

I was, therefore, shocked when my attention was called by a reporter from Citi FM to one of the usual false allegations typical of the unstable Kennedy Agyapong published on Ghana Web today 19th November 2020. The irredeemable liar par excellence against anybody Ghanaian of integrity who dares to perform his official function to the dissatisfaction of his Government was reported to have spoken on his “Seat Show” on his Net 2 TV on Wednesday night daring me to bring my medical records from Germany to determine whether I am normal.

The unrepentant liar attributed to my son, Mahama Ayariga, whom I was painfully compelled to investigate in the cause of duty in my former position as the Special Prosecutor the falsehood that: “Ayariga was going to take him on to produce his medical records and explain why he went to Germany [but] Mahama told him to stop. ‘Don’t raise this question at the appointments committee’.”

The Citi FM reporter wanted to know the truth about the reportage and I agreed to grant him an immediate interview recorded by both of us on the condition that it will be used at the midday news at 12 pm. Somehow, Citi FM refused to air the interview apparently because of interference from the Government which got wind of the interview from a friend.

The simultaneously recorded interview which is in my possession is attached to this statement for the public to be informed of the threat to my life just for performing my professional duty when I was the Special Prosecutor.

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