Fake Beggar who sits on a wheelchair and pretends to be crippled caught, forced to walk – (Video).




A fake beggar who sits on a wheelchair and pretends to be a cripple so people can have mercy on him and give him something to fend for himself has been caught and made to walk.

The beggar who always paraded as a cripple had his luck run out in Mombasa, a coastal city in southeastern Kenya.

The video of the pretentious beggar who claims to be crippled so as to make money from begging has sent shivers down the spine of netizens.

Before his cunning tricks were unraveled, he would camp along busy streets in Mombasa while seated in a wheelchair and beg money from passersby.


However, he was caught as not being a cripple after some members of the public noticed a certain in the way he carried himself on and off the street.

They cornered him at one of his favorite spots busy begging and ordered him to get out of the wheelchair and to the utmost surprise of all present, he had his legs intact and in good condition as he began to walk.

Watch the video below;

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