Efia Odo’s Fix the Country Activism Bites her Again As She Loses Ambassadorial Deal with Euro Decor.




Decoration company Euro Decor has suspended its contract with Ghanaian actress and political activist Efia Odo, and it all stems from her constant agitation for fix the country.

The company sent a letter to Ms Odo, born Andrea Owusu, this week, announcing that they have suspended their contract with her.

The contract has been ‘suspended pending further review’.

This all stems from Efia Odo engaging herself in the political arena and leaving with her tail between her legs.


In recent weeks, Efia Odo has been a strong advocate of the fix the country campaign, standing firm with Ghanaians in the fight to ginger the government to do their jobs.

It hasn’t been an easy fight, Odo has faced insults on social media for her activism and even gotten arrested on one occasion.

At a point, she said she couldn’t stand the abuse any longer and took herself off social media.

She said she needed to go off for her own mental health.

Fast forward to this week and Euro Decor used that as the reason for suspending their partnership.

According to the company’s letter sent to Efia Odo’s team and dated July 7th, she cannot fulfil her obligations if she’s not on social media hence the deal is suspended pending further review, which is just a nice way of saying goodbye – that deal is likely not getting reactivated!

In the letter, the company noted Odo going off social media and gave her their condolences.

It continues: “However considering the current situation and fulfilment of obligations as stated in the contract and for the interest of both parties, Euro Decor Home Limited has decided to suspend the contract pending further review,”

“Wish you all the best and a speedy recovery,”

The swiftness with which the company took a decision on the contract has Ghanaians speculating they could be punishing Efia Odo for her fix the country activism, but that is neither here nor there.

The biggest problem is the wrong message the company is sending over how mental health issues should be handled.

In the West or let’s say more civilised societies, it would be scandalous for any company to drop an ambassador just because they said they were dealing with mental health issues.

But down here in Nyame Bekyere Republic, everything goes.

What’s the message here? That dealing with mental health is a problem that companies need to detach themselves from? That’s a horrible message.

This is why Ghanaians often hide issues of mental health because once you bring it out in the open, you face consequences like this.

Efia Odo just tried to help her fellow Ghanaians, and due to the trauma those same Ghanaians inflicted on her, she’s now losing a source of revenue.

If this is genuinely due to the company being worried about contractual obligations being fulfilled, they could work with Efia’s team to set a timeline for her return and how to work things out once that happened.

Euro Decor whatever should really be ashamed of themselves.

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