Earning less than GH¢1,000 for working with dead bodies: The story of Korle Bu mortuary man.




Godwin Asideba reports on sorry state of Korle Bu mortuary

Mortuary man at Korle Bu bemoans poor working conditions

We should not be earning less than GH¢2,000, says mortuary man

A GhOne TV documentary by journalist, Godwin Asideba has made detailed revelations about the sorry state of mortuary at the Korle Teaching Hospital.


Among others, the documentary captured how hundreds of dead bodies are piled up in the fridges and floors of the mortuary awaiting burial.

Despite the state of the mortuary and the risks the attendants at the facility face, a senior attendant said he received a paltry amount of less than GH¢1,000 as a monthly salary.

52-year-old Richard Tindani has been working with Korle Bu Teaching Hospital since 1989 but has little financial remuneration to show off for his service.

“Imagine the work we do as mortuary men, our salary is not even up to GH¢1,000. It is not easy for us at all; we are really struggling. Our salary should be somewhere around GH¢2,000 or GH¢3,000 for seniors like me,” he sadly stated.

With the solemnity that death exudes, one would expect that the temporal place where mortal remains are kept until burial reflects the same.

However, the scene at the Korle Bu Hospital morgue as captured by GH One TV’s Godwin Asediba in a new documentary detailing the prevailing conditions in Ghana’s mortuaries tells a different story.

With glaring images of vile scenes that needed few words to describe the condition in the mortuary of one of Ghana’s premier hospitals, viewers of the documentary are treated to the reality of an unsanitary environment that houses hundreds of mortal remains.

From piled-up bodies overflowing around the mortuary fridges to the floor, and the maggot-infested drains being fed with likely infectious human excreta, the documentary paints another reality of the risk mortuary attendants bear in discharging their duties in such conditions.

The situation has courted reactions from the public with many calling on authorities to fix the mess.

Watch the documentary below:


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