E Vibes: Choose competent people for government positions – Wanlov


Musician Wanlov Kubolor says Ghanaians must learn to select the right and competent people to occupy national positions.

Born Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu, he stated that Ghanaians have failed to realise how their decision plays a role in the nation’s governance and development.

Speaking in an interview with E Vibes’ host, Becky, he advised electorates to “Choose promising, well-standing people you know are not deprived.”

“We need to choose people we know are good and will give their arm to a stranger,” he emphasised.

Ghanaians have less than three weeks to go to the polls to elect legislators and President to man the affairs of the country.

According to Kubolor, “what real patriots in power have to do is to find out all the places we come short as a country; in healthcare, roads, art industry among many others.”


Using the ancient Egyptian governance as a reference, he noted that Ghanaian leaders must have their objectives aligned with that of citizens to make their needs a priority when given the nod to govern.

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