Don’t use Rawlings to resurrect your dying campaign – Gabby Asare Darko to NDC


Founder of Danquah Institute and a stalwart of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has mocked the National Democratic Congress (NDC), alleging that the party is using the death of the former president, Jerry John Rawlings to ”resurrect” their dying campaign.

According to him, the party reduced their founder and his wife from “hero to zero” while he was alive and therefore, should not call him their hero after his death.

“Unfortunately, his own political party, the party he founded with his wife, they reduced Jerry John Rawlings and his wife from heroes to zero,” he said.

“And now that he is dead, they want to resurrect him to resurrect their dying campaign and they are calling him a hero,” he added.

Mr Otchere Darko noted that the NDC should have made peace with their founder whilst he was alive rather than degrading and ignoring him.

“They should have made peace with him when he was alive, they should have made peace with him and his family when he was alive. Don’t denigrate him when he’s alive and celebrate him when he’s dead for your own selfish earns,” he said.


Gabby Asare Otchere Darko made the statement at a campaign launch of the Wa Central parliamentary candidate of the NPP, Hajia Humu Awudu in Wa.

On her part, Hajia Humu Awudu called on the women in the region to vote for the NPP come December 7.

“I came to let people hear your cry, even if you put water in a bottle for 16 years, it will stink.

“My mothers, you are the ones taking care of children, on December 7 you are going to vote for your children, your business and also for development,” she said