DKB drops the name of a female celebrity sleeping with industry investors


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Comedian Derrick Kobina Bonney aka DKB has given hint of a female celebrity who is hindering the progress of the entertainment industry by sleeping with foreign investors.

According to DKB in a Facebook post, this celebrity instead of using her position to fight for the betterment of the industry is rather going around and warming the beds of these investors.

He continued that this said celebrity is sleeping with CEO of a very reputable firm and has been speaking ill about all other celebrities in the country.

DKB added that due to what the big man has heard about the other celebrities, he now hates them and has even canceled some huge deals.

In the post he failed to mention the name of the said celebrity but rather gave hints and pointers as to the person he was reffering to.


He concluded that though he knows who is doing that, he won’t do anything about it but would also sit and watch the industry crush.

He posted: “1 girl claiming celebrity but has no talent, been fuc king the boss of a company that signed celebrities.

When agency gives the man a budget for an activity, she’ll tell him not to, cos Ghana celebrities are broke & hungry and now that’s how the boss addresses Ghana celebrities.

Meanwhile if I expose her now, DKB likes fighting women.?

So I’ll keep quiet for her to continue destroying the image of Ghana to foreigners. That’s what we deserve to when we keep tolerating and pampering foolish people”

See screenshot below:

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