Dating younger men do not lead to marriage but – Delay advices Sister Derby.




Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay has offered a relationship advice to Sister Derby and her new boy toy in relations to their relationship.

A ring was spotted on Deborah Vanessa’s finger over the weekend, sparking conversations that all is set for a walk down the aisle with her newly-found lover.

Delay, who is in the same age range with Sister Derby, shared how excited she is for the musician but raised a disturbing point.

“Everyone knows I’m a shipper of the relationship. I support it with all my heart because I’m the type that is elated when I see young men in a relationship with older women. I’m an advocate,” the television host said on The Delay Show.


“If it’s true the young man has given her a ring, I’m happy. Mostly, such relationships don’t lead to marriages so if Derby sets the pace, we will be encouraged that once we get to be in a relationship with a young man, there is hope for the future. The ship must sail,” a visibly excited Delay added.

She disclosed that it is difficult finding love at an old age and it is even worse when you are a celebrity.

“They said Sister Derby has found a new lover and the blogs have carried it but all I see is happiness. Finding someone you love and who also loves you back is the ultimate. And it is really difficult to find love these days especially when you are a celebrity.”

“When you find someone and you both connect on that level, age, money, height even religion doesn’t matter. What matters is you understand each other. Sister Derby, if the guy really makes you happy then go for it. Don’t mind the naysayers. In the end, they’ll stop. They won’t even live with you,” she added.

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