COVID-19 still with us; adhere to preventive protocols


A Deputy Minister for Health, Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye has admonished the general public to devotedly adhere to the mandatory wearing of nose masks as COVID-19 hasn’t completely been eradicated.

Ghana has recently been placed third in the world for the effective management of the virus and according to Dr. Okoe Boye, the government’s prioritization of accurate COVID-19 test results is largely responsible for this.

The Deputy Minister said this when a leading provider of floating solutions in the upstream petroleum industry, MODEC Production Services Ghana Limited, together with its partners donated over GHS6,000 worth of equipment and PPE to the Ministry of Health.

“It is very exciting news to have such a donation at this time because there are folks who assume that the pandemic is over in this country. Some people ask why we are wearing the face mask and that the virus is gone but fighting an infectious agent is not like fighting a bushfire.”

“So until the last virus is cured, the situation can get worse again so let’s all take this opportunity to protect ourselves and our families because we are still in this battle,” he urged.

We can’t be complacent in COVID-19 fight

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo had earlier asked Ghanaians to continue adhering strictly to the COVID-19 safety protocols as the world sees a spike in cases.


According to him, Ghanaians “cannot afford to be complacent” in this fight.

He thus urged the citizens to adhere religiously to the preventive protocols.

“There is a need for all of us to respect the COVID-19 safety protocols. Ghana is doing well, we are gradually coming to grips with the virus, but we are not out of the woods yet. So it is important for all of us to maintain the study progress we are making by wearing our masks, washing hands, keep using sanitizers, generally following the COVID-19 protocols.”

“If we continue the way we have been doing, I am very hopeful that very soon, we are going to say goodbye to the virus. But we cannot afford to be complacent or take anything for granted. Let us continue to be on our guard and do the right things,” he admonished.

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