Children want corruption tackled in Ghana – Report.




A new report released by Child Rights International shows that the majority of Ghanaian children believe the country can only progress if corruption-related issues are tackled.

Out of the 11,288 children sampled, 48% of the respondents want poverty to be eradicated.

Among other things the children highlighted during the research was for authorities to create new jobs to solve the high unemployment rate in the country.

The children who partook in the life experience survey report want powers invested in politician limited.


According to them, most politicians violate traffic rules and regulations, hence, the need for them to be checked.

In the report, politicians intervening for perpetrators in child abuse cases, favouritism in scholarship, disbursement in the processes of assessing scholarships, among others are some examples of corruption-related cases in the country.

“From the key findings from the children, the top five things needed for Ghana to progress in the next 20 years, reducing corruption was 66%, reducing poverty was 48%, creating new jobs 46%, better living standards 27% and limiting powers of politicians 25%,” Executive Director of Child Rights International, Bright Appiah read during the launch of the survey on Monday, June 21, 2021, in Accra.

These are some of the concerns raised by the children; adding that, they fear getting jobs in the next 2 decades.

The survey, according to the Executive Director of Child Rights International, Bright Appiah was conducted from June 20, 2020, to April 16, 2021.

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