Boy, 19, allegedly sodomises four-year-old girl at Kasoa.




A four-year-old girl is in ill health after a 19-year-old young man, Kwabena Dodzi, allegedly sodomised her in an uncompleted building.

The mother of the victim, Margaret Apraku, told Adom News’ Seth Adjei her daughter’s inability to sit or ease herself made her suspicious of foul play.

Interrogation, she said, led to the confirmation that the suspect allegedly lured her into a ‘wee ghetto’ and inserted his manhood into her anus.

The four-year-old said the suspect rubbed shea butter around his manhood and inserted it into her backside.


The victim is, however, yet to seek proper medical attention as funds have become a challenge for her family.

Meanwhile, suspect Dodzi has been arrested and granted bail by the Kasoa Tollbooth Police station.

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