Blind couple explain why they got married despite warnings – VIDEO.


He was born and lived for many years without any blindness until Saturday, March 3, 2018, when he realized that he had a blurred sight, according to Afrimax TV. He, however, attributed the situation to inadequate sleep because he spent day and night drawing as an artist.

Later, he suffered a severe headache and was taken to the hospital, where he went into a coma. Doctors examined and diagnosed him with a stroke.

After regaining consciousness, he became blind and subsequently went to a school for the blind where children and people with visual impairment were catered for.

It was during his stay at the school that he met Chantal.

They found themselves in the same classroom, and Chantal helped Jean with some activities, and then he began to fall in love with her.


She realized that the man was a caring one, and they both grew fond of each other.

Just like Jean, Chantal was also born with no visual impairment, but she became blind in January 2020.

Before her condition, she had worked in a certain processing industry during which some dangerous chemicals allegedly entered her eyes and caused damage to them.

Although it was difficult, Jean managed to adapt to the blindness over time and is still able to practice his artistry, a job he says nothing can stop him from practising.

Having taken some medicines over time, he has partially regained his sight and is able to do the drawing to some extent, with the help of a torchlight.

Since he is unable to physically differentiate between colours, he uses their smells to do so.

People kicked against Jean marrying Chantal, wondering which of them would help the other, since they are both blind.

The difficulty of marrying a blind man while she herself is blind was not lost on Chantal, but after a long consideration, she convinced herself that everything was possible.

The families of the two love birds were also against the life-long journey they intended to embark on, but they went ahead and tied the knot.

Jean currently does his painting, which is the only source of livelihood for him and his wife, who doesn’t work.

Jean’s challenge, however, is that people don’t trust that he is capable of doing good painting for them, so they are reluctant to contract him.

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