Beef turns bloody as blogger thosecalledcelebs allegedly receive death threats from Hopeson Adorye.




NPP politician Hopeson Adorye is not done descending into the gutters to tarnish his name, he’s now alleged to have resorted to death threats to get his way.

German based Ghanaian blogger thosecalledcelebs has alleged that Adorye ad a team of goons have been bombarding her with death threats in Germany.

The two strong headed personalities have been beefing for a couple of days now but the politician seems to be taking it too far.

The Instablogger, who has been trading jabs with Adorye, took to the platform this morning to things have taken a dark turn.


Posting a photo of Hopeson, she wrote: “This above man is called Hopeson Adorye and a politician who is allegedly a contract k*ller …. i woke up with soo many threat messages from him n crew using fake account to take down the life of one harmless lady in Germany with the name Racheal n they claims is the blogger behind these platforms,”

The blogger then tagged major international platforms including the BBC, CNN, and the office of the German Chancellor.

She added: “All i want to tell GERMAN POLIZEI is that…if anything happens to Racheal in Germany…they should hold Mr.Hopeson Adorye responsible n am not ending it here….I’m taking everything to lawyer today….nobody got the right on someone’s life….the Law must deal with this man!! Thank you Ghana 🇬🇭…Thank u Germany 🇩🇪”

Hopeson Adorye, who is married to gospel singer Empress Gifty Osei, has generally turned himself into a thin-skinned snowflake who responds to every single rumour about him on the internet.

He goes so far as to insult and threaten people on his timeline, conduct that should be way beneath someone of his stature.

If these allegations are true then he has escalated things way beyond common sense and must be counselled to pull back.

For a big name like him, some of the conduct he engages in is downright hard to believe but ‘ebe Ghana we dey’ so nothing surprises anymore.

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