Are you normal? – Counsellor Lutterodt launches scathing attack on Funny Face’s baby mama (watch video).




Controversial relationship coach, Counsellor George Lutterodt has chided Vanessa over her visit to Funny Face who is currently confined at a psychiatric home.

Vanessa accompanied by Ghanaian actor Kwaku Manu, her mother and four kids paid a visit to Funny Face at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital on February 23, 2021.

Kwaku Manu who broke the news of their visit shared exclusive pictures of Funny Face posing with a broad smile on his face as he held his youngest child with his baby mama and twins.

Reacting to the pictures which went viral on social media, most Ghanaians seemed excited to see the two finally reconcile after a long fall out.


Many were of the view that Vanessa’s visit will help restore Funny Face’s sanity adding that bonding with his kids who were kept away from him for several months will hasten his healing process.

But Counsellor Luterodt who has a different view on this matter labelled Vanessa’s move as stupid adding that her visit to Funny Face should not be touted as an achievement.

Speaking in an interview with KofiTV, Lutterodt said:

“How can Vanessa say that for the sake of the children she is returning to a toxic relationship? Really? Stupid women say this. Is she normal? She left your home, came to live with a man who had sex with you for free and went back to her parents pregnant. After telling us all she went through with the pregnancy and how she was maltreated by the man, she still wants to go back? Is she normal? Is Vanessa normal?”

After the visit, Vanessa stated in an interview with Angel FM that she would not hesitate to marry the comedian despite his flaws and temperament.
She added that Funny Face should consider upgrading her status from just a baby mama to a wife.

“I need an upgrade from baby mama to a wife. I have three kids with Funny and I deserve some respect. If he wants me to come back to him, he has to come and do the right thing by marrying me. Despite everything, I know Funny Face is a good man and he loves and adores his kids”. Vanessa stated

But reacting to such, Counsellor Lutterodt said:

“Funny Face needs help and not a wife. If a wife could change Funny Face, then his first wife would have changed him. Depression is not cured, it is managed. Anytime I hear a woman say her man easily gets fed up with her, I fear. In this case of Funny Face, where he is quick to pull the trigger, I fear for that woman,”

Watch the video below;


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