Apologize to Supreme Court for abusing it to calm agitated NDC – Mustapha to Mahama.




A lead contender for the National Youth Organizer position in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Salam Mustapha has called on the former President of Ghana to apologize to the Supreme Court for wasting its time with the 2020 election petition just to calm the nerves of his party members

The former President of Ghana in an interview on Bolgatanga-based URA radio indicated that aside from the fact that the NDC had legal issues with the declaration, he also went to court to calm tempers.

He said “Aside from that we also needed to go to the Supreme Court to provide some cooling off time for our people. I mean everybody knew that there was something going on in respect of what they felt our grievances were in the elections and so by the time the judgement was given, passions had cooled and it kept Ghana peaceful and secure”.

But reacting to the statement, Salam Mustapha who is in contention for the National Youth Organizer position in the NPP said it’s a shame that the NDC and its leadership will hold the country to ransom with a petition rather than taking responsibility for their failures.


To him, there is the need for the NDC and John Dramani Mahama especially to apologize to the Supreme Court for wasting its time and resources.

He said “John Mahama yesterday, whilst launching his 2024 campaign admitted that the NDC went to the court purposefully to defray tension amongst its rank and file. In essence, to buy time. Good admission. But sadly, they unleashed their gullible following to attack the justices of the Supreme Court for apparently no reason and cause. That’s a horrible thing to do. The hatred towards the Chief Justice, Anim Yeboah JSC because of this needless petition is astounding by the NDC. Just because its leaders won’t take the blame for the defeat. The NDC should apologise to the Supreme Court for the insults and unjustifiable hatred”.

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