All Ga-Dangmes support you – King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II to Henry Quartey.




His Royal Majesty, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, has thrown his support behind the Greater Accra Regional Minister Mr Henry Quarey following the efforts he is putting in place to beautify the region.

He assured Mr Quartey that all well-meaning Ga-Dangmes are solidly behind him in his efforts.

“Continue with the good work unperturbed. You have our unflinching support,” he urged him.

Mr Quratey has been embarking on an exerciser to decongest the capital city, Accra.


As part of the exercise, the onion sellers at Agbogbloshie market have been moved to Adjen Kotoku, a deision that was fiercely resited by some of the sellers.

King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II in a statement on Friday said he has “noticed with delight, the resolute and firmness of the Regional Minister, Honourable Henry Quartey, in the decongestion exercise in Accra. Honourable Minister, your combination of tenacity, tact and diplomacy in ensuring sanity in Accra needs much support and appreciation from all. I want to assure you that all well-meaning Ga -Dangmes rally solidly behind you. Continue with the good work unperturbed. You have our unflinching support.

“A call to national duty is a call to serve in the interest of the people. Sometimes even the same people you serve bring obstacles on your way for various reasons but do not let them pull you back and distract you.

“Be assured that what is right is always right. We appreciate your efforts and we are ready to assist you in any way to ensure the desired result of bringing sanity and beautification of Accra are achieved.

“On my behalf and on behalf of the good people of Ga-Dangme we say AYEKOO TSULOR KPAKPA. We are very proud of you, a great son of Ga-Dangme and a servant of the people.

“May the blessings of the Good Lord, the creator of the Heaven and earth and the blessings of our forefathers empower and protect you always.”


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