Akufo Addo’s bodyguard seizes businesswoman’s land, she petitions president and Chief Justice.




Madam Freda Darko, a businesswoman has made a passionate appeal to the President Nana Akufo-Addo to stop one of his bodyguards, Prince Mohammed from bullying her.

According to the businesswoman, Mohammed is trying to forcibly take her land at Shiashie, which she bought about 21 years ago from her.

In the petition, she said hearing that Mohammed had sent land guards to the land and some form of construction had started, she went there to speak with them but one of them attempted assaulting her so she had to quickly leave the site.

“They even assaulted my son whom they saw taking a video of what was going on on the land. He had to buy some pain killers from the pharmacy since one of them slapped him heavily,” She recounted.

Showing pictures of the land guards who had cut down all trees which were planted about 21 years ago for her company, for demarcation purposes, Mdm Darko pleaded with the president to ‘call Mohammed to order’.


Mohammed according to her had threatened to make her ‘run away from the land’.

The land in question according to authentic documents sighted by Modern Ghana Online originally and genuinely belongs to Madam Freda Darko.

She bought the land in 1999 and has all official documents to show including all the land titles.

She revealed that after some years a man who introduced himself as the Shiashie Chief known as Nii Opremele also popped up claiming ownership and even told her that he had won a case against Mr. Tetteh Apan of Apankye We stool landowners.

Nii Opremire claimed that the judge ruled in his favour and the judgement had stated that Madam Freda should prepare an ‘ATONEMENT OF TENANCY’ to him (Nii Opremle).

“We performed the ‘ATONEMENT OF TENANCY’ to him and I paid for all the three plots as he claimed which means that just one plot I bought, I have paid two feuding parties. I did all documents to cover it and they have come back this time, they have the backing of some people in top positions in the current government.

“…I bought a big sheep, yam and some other items meant for the ATONEMENT OF TENANCY and paid for all the money he demanded.” She noted sadly.

After all these, Nii Opremire went on to give a portion of the land to someone and the case is in court now.

She stressed that lawyer for the people to whom the land has been wrongly given is Mr. Godfred Dame who is the current Deputy Minister of Justice and Attorney General, has incessantly frustrated her efforts to attain Justice.

She is worried that Mr. Dame who has been using Akufo Addo, Prempeh and Co. Law firm is still on the case, noting that there can never be Justice when he has an interest in the case.

“This is a case of bullying, conflict or interest and abuse of power and I am pleading with our president HE Nana Akufo Addo to come to my aid”. Mdm Freda noted sadly.

She lamented that the mischievous manner in which Mr. Dame made her a party to a court case when she was not and managed to get her bank accounts garnished, still baffles her and called on the president to let him stay off the case.

Meanwhile, she also appealed to the Chief Justice, Justice Anim Yeboah to arrange a video coverage of the next court proceedings on the land since there is a clandestine attempt by some individuals to frustrate her efforts to secure justice and get her land.

According to her, most of the lawyers she engaged are lured to tamper her evidence alleging also that some staff of the court have deliberately been destroying her files.

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