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Akuffo Addo aka Hushpuppi can cut 2000 sods but will still lose elections- Ibrah

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Ibrah 1’s persistent disrespect of the President of the Republic is just baffling as in a new post he likened Nana Addo to embattled fraudster, Hushpuppi.

Ibrahim Daouda famously referred to as Ibrah 1 has in a series of Snapchat posts called the President a con man.

He expressed that the President cutting sods two months to election is just a cliched tactic and a mind game used by politicians in this part of the world to score political points.

His initial post read, ”Nana Addo(hushpuppi) can cut over 2000 sods between now to the election in Ghana, he will still lose, he thinks Ghanaians are fools where was he in the past 4 years is too late for him to continue his term. I never knew there was a reasonable person in Ghana. I will personally drive my car to Kpone and thank the chief.”


Ibrah 1 Snapchat

With reference to stories running wild on social media about how the Kpone chief allegedly walked out of a durbar grounds over Akuffo Addo’s District Hospital project, he commended the chief for being reasonable.

In his opinion, it was hugely inappropriate to cut sods for the start of projects two months to the December 2020 polls when the ruling NPP government has been in power for 4 years running.

He added that the President would be hospitalized post-elections and was complicit in the PDS scandal and labeled him a scammer.

Ibrah 1 post
Ibrah 2

However, Ibrah’s political affiliation to the NDC may be the reason for his constant attacks on the NPP and President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo.

Meanwhile, during his scuffle with the firebrand Kennedy Agyapong, the young millionaire threatened to kill both the Assin Central MP and the President- calling Akuffo Addo the short President.

He had also declared that he would end his life should the NPP retain office in December.

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