Adorable Photo Drops As Kofi Adoma shows off his all grown son.




Angel FM presenter Kofi Adoma Nwawani has showed off his son for the first time!

Kofi caused a social media stir after sharing a photo with his son.

Adoma posted the photo on Facebook but hid the boy’s face from the camera.

He revealed he’s celebrating him online because he’s celebrating his 17th birthday.


Kofi Adoma wrote: “My son is consuming my height. Ei! Hmm. Happy birthday son. 17 years is not small. May God bless you and all who will bless you,”

Check out photo of Kofi Adoma and son below…

The radio presenter and Kofi TV host recently outdoored his wife for the first time as well!

Kofi Adoma has been married for 16 years but kept it hidden from the public.

Recently, he revealed his wife but kept her face hidden.

He shares photos with her but never reveals her face, just as he did with his son.

Meanwhile, Adoma recently made news after sending a coded message to Afia Pokuaa Vim Lady.

Vim Lady complained about her colleagues sabotaging her and he advised her to leave if she cannot survive in her current environment.

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