Accra to London road expedition: 13 Ghanaians embark 10,000km road trip to UK


A group of thirteen Ghanaians has embarked on an epic road trip from Ghana to the United Kingdom.

Their objective is to drive from Accra to London while enjoying the trip, which is estimated to traverse an astounding 10,000 km.

The daring team is expected in London on Sunday, August 6, or Monday, August 7, 2023.

After landing in Spain, the crew spoke with Accra-based Peace FM about their reason for going on this incredible voyage.

They claimed that they were inspired by stories of individuals traveling from other countries to Ghana and other African countries, so they wanted to try this experience as a fun pastime in addition to touring other countries.

“We are explorers and we are doing this for fun. We read about people driving from Europe to Ghana all the time, and we also planned to do it and we are almost there,”

Many people have been captivated by the team’s brave and adventurous trip as they confront the obstacles and adventures of crossing countries and encountering other cultures on their way to London.


Accra to London road expedition

Many people are looking forward to their arrival in the UK to celebrate their tremendous accomplishments and burning desire for adventure.

They are presently departing Barcelona following a brief stopover in the Spanish city.



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