A 28-Year-Old Sound Engineer Found Lifeless In River Densu After Police Attacked A Group Of Guys.



A young guy has mysterious met a painful death in Densu River at Mandela SCC near Weija. In the early hours on Monday, November 23, 2020 around 10:30am. It all started with a group of boys, boys gathered at a drinking spot few meters away from the riverbank, while having a fun with a local drink Akpeteshie, the police Patrol team from nowhere stormed the premises and the next thing they could here was scatter!


This led everyone, runs heater scatter, the police started chasing them around, this particular guy identified as Francis Atta affectionately known as Paa kwesi, a sound engineer was by then at the riverbank who joined the masses running for safety since they do not have an idea, why police attacked the place.

While the attack was on going some residents spotted the deceased floating on the surface of the river, as they were shouting for help from the police to have stopped their operation and rescue the guy, the rather focused on arresting some of the guys upon thorough searched nothing was found on them.

The youth were mad on the police and led to a serious misunderstanding to the extent that, they fired three wearing shot. Strangely, the police left without rescuing the guy.

After the police realized a life has been lost in the operation, quickly they left the scene and changed from their uniform into mufti, in a way nobody will be able to recognize them.


As at the time, the body was retrieved from the river, blood was spotted on his forehead, other parts of his body also was swollen.

It’s alleged that, the police might have done something bad on him and secretly dumped the body in the river.

Fortunately, some smart Persons already captured one of the officers name and number, which according to them, the name is George Darko with number 74.

This portal has gathered that, Paa Kwesi usually goes to the riverbank with pen and book, since he sometimes gain much of his inspiration while listening to music and beats.

Moreover, he isn’t someone who drinks or smoke, but could been seen carrying raster hair style.

It’s has also been established that, the officers who carried the operation aren’t known Officers in Weija District.

His elders brother who works as a lawyer has taken the matter on, while Weija Police have taken the body to the morgue for further investigation.


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