40-year old woman allegedly murders her own husband at Kumasi Nhyiaeso.




Society is unfair, I can never do that, I loved him and he loved me, we have been married for 15 years said Mrs. Evelyn Amankwatiah painfully in tears as police dragged her away into custody. It is best said to be very open to your people, the ones who are around you because if you are not, the worst thing can happen to you said Dr. Otaebia of Tafo Government Hospital. Dr. Otaebia is the childhood friend of Mr. Amankwatiah, the husband of Evelyn.


Dr. Otaebia due to his friendship with his friend Mr. Amankwatiah has since been the personal medical practitioner to the Amankwatiah’s and that was how he knew Mr. Amankwatiah had diabetes. According to Dr. Otaebia, he advised his friend and patient to deliver the news to his wife after it became confirmed that he had such conditions so they can both know-how best to live their lives. But as to whether Mr. Amankwatiah did deliver the news or not, Dr. Otaebia cannot confirm that.

Mr. Amankwatiah suffered a nerve breakdown in the evening of Sunday the 22 day of November and was rushed to the hospital. On their way to the hospital, Evelyn the wife insisted their driver drive all the way from Nhyiaeso to Tafo Government Hospital since that was were their doctor works, and that same Dr. Otaebia has been the one taking care of them medically ever since she Evelyn met Mr. Amankwatiah. According to the driver Solomon, traffic was huge but due to the horn of the car, they were able to get through, but if they had seek another hospital instead of driving all the way to Tafo from Nhyiaeso, the man, his boss would have been alive. But her madam, the wife insisted they drive to Tafo instead.

Mr. Amankwatiah was referred to KATH, the Kumasi teaching hospital and referral centre due to the emergency condition he was in and he died the following day, Monday 23 November. Evelyn who couldn’t hold her tears when the doctors confirmed the death of her husband, nearly went mad and started destroying herself and anything she came across. The death of her husband became an earthquake to her according to Solomon the driver.


After the autopsy report was handed to the wife Evelyn, she couldn’t open it and passed it to the sisters of her husband because of the sorrow state she was in. It was there that, the sisters found out Mr. Amankwatiah died as a result of unintentional food poisoning. According to the report, he ate too much of sugary product which caused a rise in his blood pressure, and as a result causing the failure of his heart.

The sisters asked the wife Evelyn where the husband was the whole of last week and it was confirmed that, the man has been on leave for over five days and has been in doors ever since. Doctors report conducted on the remains of a cooked meat prove that, Mr. Amankwatiah died from eating that food. According to the wife Evelyn, she follows an online cooking classes which teaches about international cuisines and delicacies. It was there that she learnt about honey baked mutton food.

It is a food cooked with only honey and sheep meet combined. Evelyn tried it on the Saturday afternoon and she served the whole house including her driver Solomon. The husband loved the food as well as the driver Solomon. On Sunday, the husband requested she cooks the food again and she did it, not knowing it will send the husband to six feet. According to Dr Otaebia, who broke down the autopsy report to the family, the meat and honey “honey baked mutton” became poison to the organs of Mr. Amankwatiah since he was a diabetic patient but Evelyn stated categorically that the husband never mentioned anything like that to her and if she knew, she could have reduced the honey or the ingredients used in cooking the food.

The driver Solomon, and Evelyn herself ate the food but all of them are fine because none of them is diabetic. But the sisters of Mr. Amankwatiah believes strongly that, Evelyn knew her husband was diabetic, because there is no way a man will keep such news from his wife and it was a deliberate attempt to destroy the man, so she Evelyn can have all the properties of their late brother. This caused a heated argument between the sisters and the widow Evelyn as Dr. Otaebia tried to let them know Mr. Amankwatiah could have been secretive, no one knows but the sisters believes that is not possible and reported the incident to the Nhyiaeso Police Service. Evelyn was picked yesterday and has since been denied bail because the sisters have turned the case into an alleged murder case which will end up in court this morning.

Solomon believes her Madam will surely be remanded because murder cases always end up with remand until investigations are over. Mrs Amankwatiah has since denied hiring a lawyer citing that her redeemer will redeem her if she is not guilty of any of that allegations made by the sisters of Mr. Amankwatiah. The twin brother of Mr. Amankwatia, Philip Amankwatiah Jr. believes his sisters are over reacting and will surely want justice for his brother but he believes the wife has nothing to do with the death of his twin brother.

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