2024 election: Even if you make Jesus your flagbearer & Mohammed a running mate you’ll lose – Opare Addo to NPP.




National Youth Organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) George Opare Addo has said that with the state of affairs currently in Ghana, the NPP will lose any election regardless of the candidate they present.

According to him, even if Jesus Christ s made the flagbearer and Mohammed his running mate, the people of Ghana will boot them out because of their affiliation to the New Patriotic Party.

He made this known when he spoke in an interview on Accra-based Metro TV.

George Opare Addo said, “what I can tell you for free is that if the NPP brings Jesus Christ and makes Mohammed their running mate, they will lose 2024”.

George Opare Addo indicated that if John Dramani Mahama chooses to run for President in the NDC, he will win because he is the most popular person in the party at the moment.


However, he believes that it’s John Dramani Mahama’s personal decision and until he makes any public pronunciation on it he cannot confirm if the former President will want to run for the Presidency in 2024.

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