2019 video of Gifty Anti emerges amidst attacks from A Plus.




A Plus takes a dig at Gifty Anti

Gifty Anti says people she cherishes send her a message she shared in 2019

Women empowerment conversation gets intense

StandPoint show host, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, has shared a video from 2019 with some people suggesting it is a subtle response to A Plus’s accusation that she made it appear as though women don’t need men but is now enjoying her marriage.


In her caption for the video she shared on May 27, 2022, she asserted that countless people have expressed their appreciation by sending her a video from 2019 which captured an inspirational message she had for the masses.

According to Gifty Anti, although she was motivating people at the time, she had her own issues to deal with.

Read her post below:

“I did this video in 2019….But every now and then, people send it back to me to say ‘thank you’ and express how much of a blessing it’s been to them.

“This morning a prominent woman I so much respect and cherish did the same. She sent it to me with a message…She said, “people keep sending me this and indeed, Oheneyere, it blesses me every time I listen to it,” she said.

“What you do not see in this video is that I was in ‘POP’. I had broken my leg and was using clutches at that time!! My dear, I have come very far and there are scars you do not see, even when you watch my videos and see my pictures!!

“But I never gave up and with God, I will never give up. Don’t ever give up my darling…. That day is coming!! Your ‘one day’ is coming. God will vindicate you. He will show up big time. Have a beautiful day and remember, I believe in you,” she said.

On May 31, 2022, controversial political activist, Kwame A Plus in a Facebook post together with the picture of Gifty Anti and her husband fired some missiles after one he fired three days before.

Unclear what triggered the post, A Plus asked men to stop other women from lying to the younger ones else men in the coming years will be fighting for equality.

Drifting from the topic of equal rights for men in the coming years, the activist also added that in the occurrence of reported sexual assault cases by some women, he is of the belief that the majority of them are lies.

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