2 Weeks to Election 2020; See these two authentic polls predicting the winner.




Gradually, the most significant day on our political calendar is approaching Ghana. Ghanaians are ready to exercise their franchise to select their next leaders with exactly 2 weeks to the much-anticipated poll, who will sign social contracts with the people and take the mantle of steering the country’s affairs.


This poll will mark the eighth consecutive election that Ghana has held since re-subscribing to multi-party democracy in 1993. One of the most competitive political battles to be held has been touted. It should be noted that the most determining factor in this election may not be the demand to break away from the system characterized by independence. It will, however, be based on the track records in this poll of the two leading flagbearers.

As usual, many online polls are held across media houses, stakeholders and non-government institutions before every election to have a clear view of the outcome. They can also assist with analysis and are likely to be used as a basis for predicting who is likely to emerge victorious.

A new online poll was conducted by Citinewsroom today, November 23, 2020; one of the most reliable and watched media outlets in the country to determine who has a majority vote of Ghanaians among the 12 presidential candidates.


Ghanaians were first questioned about which candidates they would vote for next December 7th. Many individuals who participated in left divergent views in the comment section under the post. Many also indicated that, as at the time of this poll, they had not yet made a firm decision.

They asked, “With 14 days to the December 7 election, have you decided who you’ll vote for, od whether you’ll vote all?”



Another poll questioned; “Who are you voting for on December 7?”

After a period of 24 hours, NDC was leading the verdict with a slight margin ahead of the ruling New Patriotic Party. According to the final results, the smaller parties are also putting in some effort to make an impact. However, about 15% of the total votes cast chose neither NDC nor NPP.

The poll had gained a total of 13,402 votes. The NDC was leading with a total of 5,628 votes which represent 42% as against some 5,360 people who voted prefer that the NPP wins.

Check the final verdict:

2 Weeks to Election 2020; See these two authentic polls predicting the winner 2

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